The 200 mph Electric Orchid from Singapore


Yup. It’s a species of orchid native to Singapore and lends its name to this electric hypercar, also from that island nation. Much of the concept’s design is inspired by nature, with honeycomb patterns being the recurring theme.

The rear-hinged roof and doors are intended to mimic the petals of an orchid, and look dramatic as they unfold.

The Dendrobium Electric Hypercar from Singapore based firm Vanda Electric


0-62 mph in as little as 2.6 sec, and a top speed of around 200 mph.

Ian Cluett, head of programmes at Williams Advanced Engineering, told CAR his team are targeting a kerb weight of 1750 kg. ‘It’s hard to make a two-tonne-plus car fast,’ he says. ‘Weight is the key for this car – there’s still lots to come.’

Power, range, and the powertrain configuration itself for that matter, are still being considered and shall be finalised soon. It may feature four in-board electric motors, or three; regardless, it will power all four wheels.

Currently the car is designed to use a single-speed gearbox at the front and multiple gears at the rear, with conventional differentials rather than a more complex motor vectoring system.


Launch Date?

Year 2020 approximately, featuring some cutting edge drive train tech, claimed to be ahead of time sorts.

Does it move?

Pretty much we say, and looks stunning while at it.

How much?

$1.9 Million levels for each Orchid. If you are wondering, yes, batteries are included.


Vanda Electrics Owned – Dendrobium Motors

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