Feature: From Netherlands to Australia in an Electric Car. Without money!

Wiebe Wakker, hit the road on March 15, 2016 in an electric car, to drive from the Netherlands to Australia!

He travels without money and shares energy to reach his goal, making the Plug Me In Project, the mother of all road trips.

The Route; 

As of July 2017 Wakker has crossed 28 countries, driven 51,000+ kilometers and met hundreds of amazing people, he says, on his project website.

With the journey done till date, he is also one of the few who can correct Tesla CEO Elon Musk. 🙂

The India leg of this epic road trip

Across India, support spilled forth for our man in the blue car, more than compensating for some harrowing and disastrous experiences that Wiebe had.

Wiebe takes it all in his stride, even as he sleeps over at hospitals and bathes with spiders for company.

Here are some amazing videos Wiebe has put together while in our country.

The entire video log of the trip so far is on this youtube page.

We must tell you that the drone footages are awesome.

Why this trip?

Wiebe says travelling is in his blood. However, the goal of this particular electric road trip is to promote sustainable mobility and raise awareness for sustainable initiatives.

With the whole world on the cusp of the EV revolution, the timing could not have been better.


On his website Plug Me In, you can ‘Plug Wiebe In’ with a meal, place to sleep or energy for the car.

We look forward to more from you dost. Godspeed.

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