Mercedes Benz gets Twitter Reality Check

On August 3, Mercedes Benz Retail asked a seemingly deep, caring and enlightening question on Twitter;

We have no idea what they were expecting to hear, but the replies, we are sure must have left them electrocuted. Sample some of them below;

Mercedes-Benz used to offer an all-electric version of its B-Class which they never actually tried to sell. Recently they discontinued this EV from their stables as well, so;

“Not our market”

Diamler AG quickly intervened to arrest the slide;

Morals of the story?

#0. Electric Vehicles are the inevitable future.

#1. Never dipstick check an early morning stupid idea by asking a question like that on Twitter.

#2. The world has taken to Electric Vehicles more than most people manufacturers would like to believe. Enjoy your short lived period of denial.

#3. Pic or it didn’t happen.

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