What all can you do in 1.513 seconds?

This electric racecar, christened Grimsel, has set a new world record for acceleration of an electric car, correction, any blimey production car today.

The vehicle accelerated from zero to 60 [100 kmph approximately] in 1.513 seconds and reached 60 mph within a distance of 100 feet.

Watch the team brutally rub in how little 1.513 seconds really are!

The car was developed by students of the Swiss universities ETH Zurich and Hochschule Luzern.

How does it compare to the quickest cars on the planet today?

The AMZ Grimsel sits at #1 of this very rare-to-get-on list. TheĀ 2017 Tesla Model S P100D ‘Ludicrous Plus’ Upgrade is at number 9 on this list, below the 2017 Bugatti Chiron! Source: Zeroto60times

Wait up. There is another video of the AMZ Grimsel doing that record breaking run. Don’t expect any drama though. Its just 1.513 seconds long. Darn.

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