Which is the fastest motorcycle you can buy on this planet today?

The Lightning LS-218, gets its name from how fast it goes. Its just that blimey simple. In the company’s testing, this electric bike went up to 218 miles [351 kmph] per hour, which makes it the fastest production electric motorcycle in the world. Thank you for being with us. We have answered that question.

If you happen to have more time, go on. ūüôā

It makes 200 horsepower, a number we’re more or less familiar with in today’s modern superbikes. However, being electric, it makes a humungous amount of torque and it can make its full 168¬†pound.feet¬†of twisting force from almost a standstill.

Watch: Loz Blain Reviews the Insane LS-218

“Lightning’s LS-218 is a true electric superbike. It’s clean, it’s green – and it filled Loz’s trousers with steaming lumps of adrenaline. We’ve tested a number of 200-horsepower superbikes, but nothing – NOTHING – accelerates like this thing. It’s excess for the sake of excess, like all the best motorcycles are – and it’s beautiful.” – Gizmag

Lightning LS-218 Quick Specs

  • Range (highway):¬†100 miles (160 km)
  • Top speed:¬†218¬†mph (350 km/h)
  • Torque:¬†168 ft-lb (227 Nm)
  • Power:¬†200 hp (149 kW)
  • Weight:¬†495 lb (224 kg)

Lightning LS-218 Price

  • $38,888

Now, we can argue about the fact that the major motorcycle manufacturers have kept their top speeds limited to around 180 miles per hour (290 km/h) but the fact remains that when the LS-218 raced against a field of primarily petrol bikes up Pike’s Peak in 2013, it¬†demolished everything else on the mountain¬†by more than 20 seconds!

Umm, does it come in Black?

Watch: Bonus LS-218 video we quite liked


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