No Valves to Adjust, Filters to Clean, or Top Ends to Rebuild. Plus Wheelies for Days!

For starters, here is the most comprehensive 13 word review of the Alta Redshift MX electric dirt bike;

An Electric Dirt Bike? Why?

Designed as the electric equivalent of a modern 250, the Redshift MX from Alta Motors is just as capable as a trail and woods bike as it is a MX2/Lites class motocrosser.


Being an all electric motorycle powered by a 5.8kWh waterproof Li Battery, the Redshift MX requires no air filters, oil changes or top end rebuilds, so you can spend less time wrenching and more time riding.

Alta Redshift MX Reviews

Is this the future of motocross? How does the bike work? Does it feel like a real motocross bike? Purists are not happy at all but here is another take on the electrification bit.

“How many years of evolution have gas bikes had? How many years have electric bikes had? Remember when you saw your first four stroke on the motocross track? Ya’ll need to chill the f*** out.” – Justin Lahey

Check out these videos and decide for yourself.

“Many of you reading this right now grew up around motorcycles. They are greasy, oily machines. The air filters need cleaning, the oil needs replacing, the coolant needs checking, and most importantly, the gas tank needs to be filled. But on Alta Motors’ Redshift MX bike, every single one of those tedious bike maintenance practices are a thing of the past. The electric motorcycle need only be plugged in and charged, not unlike the phone and/or computer on which you are reading these words right now, and it is ready to race against any motorcycle in the world.” – Red Bull

Another comprehensive review;

Redshift MX Tech Specs


Currently, prices are in the range of $15,000. An India entry looks highly unlikely for these dirt waders but wait till battery prices drop over the years. 🙂

Till then, here is a quick production commitment snapshot from Alta;



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