Say Hello to ‘Zero’ – The 555 HP All Electric UTV from Nikola Motor Company

Everyone and their cousin have heard of Tesla in India by now but some of you would have also heard about the futuristic looking Nikola One truck.

Recently, the same blokes released information and rendered images of their Polaris beating [actually anything else beating] UTV, the Nikola Zero, which comes from their subsidiary: Nikola Powersports, a division of Nikola Motor Company dedicated to the powersports industry.

“The Nikola Zero will be the first UTV to come with optional Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS), stability control, anti-roll-over, traction control and torque vectoring. Normally these options are reserved for high-end sports cars and not normally found in UTVs. We have worked hard to make these UTVs street legal, and in many states, you may be able to drive the Nikola Zero UTV to work, [not Indian States]” said Trevor Milton, Nikola’s CEO in their press release.

Nikola Zero Tech Specs – Standard Edition | Price $ 35,000 Upwards

  • 100% electric power steering
  • 20” front and rear suspension travel, 14” ground clearance and 62” wide frame
  • Four independent electric motors
  • 32” tires, bead lock wheels, tow hitch
  • over-the-air soware updating
  • 10” infotainment center display and 7” instrument cluster
  • Multiple color options
  • IP 67 waterproofing
  • LED headlights and taillights
  • Custom seats
  • Two-year warranty

Nikola Zero Tech Specs – Premium Edition | Extra Toppings = More Money

  • 555 HP
  • Street legal package
  • 4×4 torque vectoring system, ABS, anti-roll protection, traction control, front and rear
  • 4500 lb. winches
  • factory audio system
  • 15 kW power export at 110/220V
  • 4kW Solar 400-volt DC Charger
  • LED interior lighting
  • rider profiles
  • Front windshield
  • Mirrors
  • Cameras
  • four-year extended warranty package


The UTV will also have three battery options: 75kWh, 100kWh and 125kWh, with the largest battery option giving the Nikola Zero more battery storage than a Tesla P100D, at a fraction of the price. The 125kWh battery package can deliver 200 miles of range in 4×4 o-road mode.


Views expressed by folks on an Electrek story published last year about their prototype;

#1. 72kWh battery pack for $37k dollars from a start up company, not like a GM or Tesla that has purchasing power……Something smells mighty funny, there’s just no way this is possible. [A year has gone by and now Nikola is also talking about a P100D beating 125kWh battery. Time shall tell.]

#2. I just hope there’s no glass in those solar cells in case of a rollover. [We are sure the designers at Nikola would have thought through that]

and our winner;

#3. Wait. That thing with no body and very limited everything needs 72kWh to go 100-200miles [160 to 320km]? Why?

Nikola Zero Vs. the 2017 Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo


Over to you now, Polaris.


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