Ariel Hipercar: The Quickest Spelling Mistake in The World (0-150mph in 7.8 Seconds)

Lets get the acceleration figures out of the way first, so;

0 to 60 mph [100 kmph] takes 2.4 seconds

0 to 100 mph [161 kmph] comes up in 3.8 seconds. Can’t help but notice the linearity of power delivery and, hold your breath

0 to 150 mph [241 kmph] in a blistering 7.8 seconds!

Critical Update Added to Post – Comparison to the Flux Capacitor;

Top Speed?

With a top speed of 260 kmph and those acceleration figures, the Ariel Hipercar will be even quicker than the Bugatti Veyron.


Drive Train?

The all-new turbine-electric Ariel develops a mind-boggling 880 kW [1180 BHP] of power and 1800 Nm of torque, developed in total by four separate electric motors – each dishing out 295 BHPs (220 kW).

Battery Pack and Range?

There’s a 750 V, 42 kWh liquid-cooled and heated lithium-ion battery pack mounted deep into the car’s base that feeds each wheel motor – at least, that’s the case with the four-wheel drive model.

Ariel is also doing a slightly slower two-wheel-drive version that uses a larger 56 kWh battery.

To compensate for the rather limited electric range (160-190 km) both models also get an advanced 35 kW micro-turbine range extender that will give the car at least 15 minutes of full-throttle track work before requiring around 50 minutes of charge time.


Standing for High Performance Carbon Reduction, the project is destined for full release in 2019 and Ariel production in 2020 alongside the Atom, Nomad and Ace.

2WD and 4WD Prototypes in a Fortnight!

Phase 1 of the project, undertaken by Ariel with partners Equipmake and Delta Motorsport, will demonstrate both 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive prototypes and will be shown at the Low Carbon Vehicle (LCV) Show at Millbrook on 6 and 7 September 2017.


Chassis, Suspension and Wheels?

HIPERCAR will be available as a 4 wheel drive or 2 wheel rear drive, full bodied car, the final exterior design of which is to be released at a later date.

Based around an aluminium folded and bonded lightweight chassis with full rollover protection, the structure features aluminium front and rear subframes carrying aluminium wishbones and outboard adjustable suspension.

Forged or carbon composite wheels carry 265/35/20 front and 325/30/21 rear tyres.

Electrical Architecture?

The vehicle’s electrical architecture consists of high and low voltage systems linked by multiple CAN networks enabling the Powertrain Controller, Vehicle Dynamic Control Interface and Battery Controller to communicate and interact with 12V and safety systems.

How Much?

To be announced later but like all insane machines from Ariel, expect a reachable, realistic price.

Is HIPERCAR the final name?

Nope. That would and should change to something short and interesting. PION?


Simon Saunders, Founder of the Ariel Motor Company said, “Like other Ariels we want HIPERCAR to represent excellent value for money for the remarkable performance on offer.  It will be an expensive car because of the technology involved but when compared to £1m+ supercars, which it will outperform, it’s going to represent excellent value for money.  This is the first true electric supercar that will cross continents, drive to town and lap a race track”.

Images & Information: Ariel Motor Company Press Release

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