Tesla, Nikola, Now This! Edit – A Modular, Self-Driving EV from OSVehicles

OSVehicle, a modular electric vehicle startup has unveiled a self-driving concept called EDIT. There are no details beyond an animated rendering but we must say that this is one futuristic presentation.

Here’s a quick overview, curated by the blokes at Futurism.

The Edit is aimed at the B2B market and could be the way ahead for affordable autonomous ride-sharing, mobile assistance and delivery services.

The company describes its flagship product, the Edit concept as the first self-driving vehicle designed and engineered for services in white label, extremely modular & open.


The Edit fleet, should you choose to own one can last 10X more thanks to easy-as-heck repairability and upgradeability.

OSVehicle is also making all of the code open source, allowing developers to change and improve the self-driving software. Developers may be able to create apps that work with OSVehicle’s software, streamlining the experience.

The full video release from OSVehicles is below;

“We see the potential of a unified modular vehicle for the future of mobility as a service, that will allow car fleets last 10X longer under heavy usage conditions like car and ride sharing and enable hardware upgrade of self-driving, connected car technologies seamlessly,” said Tin Hang, CEO of OSVehicle.


All further details are awaited and we are as eager as you to find out more.

Images and Video: OSVehicles

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