AEOS? The All Electric Heavy Hauler from Cummins. Oh Truck!

Cummins has been meeting the power needs of its global customers for nearly 100 years, whether by diesel, natural gas, electrification or something else.

“The company’s technical staff of 10,000 people around the world has the high tech tools to study everything from a variety of bio fuels to waste heat recovery and even solid oxide fuel cell technology.” – Official take from Cummins.

Currently, Cummins is the market leader as far as truck diesel engines go. However, the electric winds of change sweeping across today’s automotive landscape has made this diesel engine giant make a serious statement, beating even Tesla’s much awaited electric semi truck unveiling, expected in the next few weeks.

Meet AEOS from Cummins


The company unveiled a Class 7 heavy-duty truck cab yesterday, boasting demanding truck level power delivery fed by an advanced 140 kWh battery pack that it will sell to bus operators and commercial truck fleets starting in 2019.

AEOS? Specs? Range?

This demo (but fully operational and capable of hauling a 22 ton trailer) truck uses a 140 KWh battery pack instead of a 12-liter engine. The weight of the electric powertrain is roughly equal to that of the removed engine, after-treatment, transmission and fuel tank.

The tractor day cab has a gross vehicle weight rating limit of 75,000 pounds.


The concept truck has a range of about 100 miles on a single charge for city driving that can be extended to 300 miles with additional battery packs.

Cummins feels that the powertrain and truck will enable it to learn more about the potential electrification holds for larger vehicles.

Energy efficiency add ons

A regenerative braking system and the potential for solar panels on the trailer roof can send energy back to the battery pack, adding to overall vehicle range between charges.


Air drag is reduced by replacing side mirrors with an in-dash camera system. The truck achieves a significant air drag reduction via its highly streamlined design as well as a better sealed truck body and underbody – with no front radiator intrusion.

Who is this for?


With a 100-mile range, the Cummins electric power train is being targeted at urban delivery vehicles (like a beer truck or food delivery truck) as well as for short haul trips in and around ports and other terminals.

The AEOS can be recharged in about an hour at a 140 kWh charging station, and Cummins’ goal is to get that down to 20 minutes by 2020, reducing down time for its business customers.


Production of the powertrain system will begin in 2019.

Cummins will not build trucks, but will instead supply a fully integrated battery electronics system and will buy the cells from another provider, undisclosed at this time.


The AEOS comes a few weeks ahead of Tesla’s planned reveal of an electric “semi” truck.

Though Tesla hasn’t provided any details of its electric truck classification or the project on the whole, a while ago Reuters reported that Tesla will initially target the regional hauling market with an electric semi with a working range of 200 to 300 miles.

Over to you now, Tesla. 🙂

Images and Info: Cummins


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