All New MINI Electric Concept Car Revealed: 150 bhp, 240 km Range, 2020 Deliveries

Once upon a time, Mini was the master of spot-on proportions and subtle surfacing. Going by what we see here, that was clearly a long time ago.

This Mini Electric Concept from the BMW Group’s stables is their newly-unveiled electric car preview, slated for production and a late 2019 launch.


Mini is calling this their signature futuristic interpretation of the Mini styling theme, with a closed-off front “grille,” special LED head- and Union Jack taillights, re-done front fenders, modified rocker panels, and new front and rear bumpers.

The car is painted in Reflection Silver with a liquid matte metal finish, and, just as on the Mini E, there are yellow exterior accents, this time on the front-end trim, mirror caps, wheels, and lower body too. The roof is painted with a straight-out-of-amateur-photoshop-gradient that changes from white up front to yellow at the rear.


It has been nearly ten years since MINI took a significant, pioneering step with the MINI E – and laid the foundations at the BMW Group for the development of electric mobility solutions to production readiness.

The MINI E unveiled in 2008 was the first all-electric car from the BMW Group to be driven by private users in everyday traffic conditions – as part of an extensive field trial.

The Mini E 2 Seater that was revealed in 2008. Now either this is a better looking car than the 2017 show car here or we need an eye check up pronto.

Over 600 MINI E cars entered service worldwide for the purpose of the field studies. All of them helped to gain vital insights into the use of pure-electric vehicles, and this knowledge was subsequently incorporated into the development of the BMW i3.

Thus, the powertrain technology in the new MINI Electric Concept will be shared with the BMW i3. Expect a range of about 150 miles [240 km] and an electric motor that turns out at least 150 horsepower.


Couple of questions here though;

#1 Given that the Chevrolet Bolt has almost a 100 mile of extra range, and the Tesla Model 3 reaching production, we fail to see the reason to purchase this car.

#2 Who approved that paint job and those wheels? Those wheels, please?

#3 Can we have one of those 2008 E cars with the new powertrain and battery pack set up?

#4 Whatever happened to the 600+ bhp, 4 electric motors version, eh?



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