Should We Switch To Electric Cars? We Get Some Real Clues on Twitter

This morning, we came across El on Twitter. 🙂




El is a very proud Nissan Leaf driver and she lives in Dundee. FYI, Dundee is a pretty coastal city on the Firth of Tay estuary in eastern Scotland. El is interested in everything green. Let’s be like El.

Heck, she even had a very special Nissan Electric Car for her wedding day! Move over Tesla 😉


There are a lot of us Indians who still eye electric vehicles as things that will never be mainstream in our lives. Which is absolutely fine but we have also set ourselves the toughest EV shift deadline in the whole world; of selling only electric cars from year 2030 onwards.

At Alt F, we are the same guys and we decided to ask El a few questions. Read on;

She said yes to that and we fired away;

18,000 Zero Emission miles? Anyone would be proud of that. Consider it service done to the planet.

Oh! We love LOVE our diesels too. 3 more rapid fires then;

Morals of the Twitter story;

#1. Driving a Zero Emission vehicle is a matter of immense pride. We should not deprive ourselves of something so beautiful.

#2. It is absolutely normal to feel nervous about letting your old diesel go for an electric car. Nervous energy is known to produce the best results.

#3. Charging infrastructure is important to remove stress and anxiety about EV ownership. Manufacturers, companies with loads of car driving employees, Govt. of India and her States, please come forward. The time is now.

Here is a nice example;

El, thanks a million and more (electric?) power to you! 🙂

Featured Image: New Nissan Leaf. Source: Nissan

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