What is Vehicle To Grid (V2G)? Explained!

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology allows your electric vehicle (EV) to function like a giant battery. With an intelligent software handling the charging of the vehicle’s battery, electric power can be fed from your car to the electric grid or grid to car on an as-needed basis.

Simply put, with V2G enabled in your latest electric car, you could be charging the car from the mains or, sending electricity back into the grid for use by others, for money!

Here is a neat explainer video [from Mobility House] of how vehicle to grid works;

Alright, now that your coffee is all ready, check out how the Nissan Leaf runs quietly, burns no gas, produces no emissions, stores renewable energy, and sometimes even pays you back.

So, your parked and plugged in electric car could mean that you’re making money, from your electric supply company. Insane.

Worth a look: This is how parked electric vehicles are making money in Denmark

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