Will Mahindra Racing’s Formula E Car Wear Your Design This Season?

Quick Re-Cap: The livery for the Mahindra M3 Electro was designed through a crowd-sourcing contest. Watch;

Mahindra Racing’s Formula E Team raced their cars painted in a fan’s design, using Adria Haro Jorba’s livery for the entire Season 3 through 2016/17. Adria is from Spain.

Also, with their cars wearing a die-hard fan’s livery design, Mahindra Racing claimed its breakthrough Formula E win in Berlin with Felix Rosenqvist at the wheel.

The previous livery contest in August, 2016 received a very strong response with 281 entries coming in from 41 countries. Mahindra Racing’s Season 3 livery was also voted by fans as the winner of the #FELiveryWorldCup in an online poll conducted by Formula E on Twitter.

Now, it’s time for a new design for Formula E Season 4 (2017/18)

Will the cars be wearing your design this season? We say, why not.

Contest Details;

How to submit your design?

To enter the #DrivenByDesign contest, all you need do is visit the microsite: drivenbydesign.mahindrafe.com.

Once there, you are just three steps away from wining.

#1. Download the kit (Both .AI and .PDF versions are available with all instructions and colour samples included)

#2. Design the livery of the M4 Electro race car,

#3. Upload it back onto the microsite,

And, you’re done.

Last date for entry?

The contest closes September 18, 2017 at 10:00 UTC [4:30 AM Indian Standard Time] and is open to racing fans of all ages, from across the world.

Entrants can submit as many designs as they want, with the winning design becoming the livery of the M4 Electro race car for Season 4.

Winner Gets?

The chance to spend a day with the Chief Designer of the iconic Pininfarina design studio in Turin, Italy, which is holy ground and part of the Mahindra Group.

Mind = Blown?

Cool, now download that kit and get cracking, fellas.

P:S: Mahindra Racing is our home grown Formula E Team. Seeing them race fills our hearts with pride and joy. A billion and a quarter hearts beat for them. That’s our design brief to you. 🙂

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