The Electric Crossover From Byton in Our Crisp 60 Second Video!

The EV space is really heating up and here is the latest announcement from China.

Last year when Electrek reported on folks from Tesla, BMW, and Nissan banding up and forming a new electric vehicle startup called Future Mobility Corp. The company is based in China and backed by Tencent Holdings, which is now also an important investor in Tesla.

They launched their brand, now called ‘Byton’, and revealed some stuff, which we turned into a crisp 1 minute video so you get the grasp of this, real quick.

“Future Mobility, which recently raised $200 million from investors including China’s Suning and Fullshare Holdings, is looking to launch three cars by 2022. It already has a premium midsize crossover sport utility vehicle ready to go into the next “serious” phase of development. The company has said the SUV will hit China during the fourth quarter of 2019.” – Reuters from the launch event in Shanghai

The Byton Website claims that the battery pack will enable a range of “more than 300 miles (500 km)”

Recharge Times? You’re not gonna believe this;

“In order to experience time efficiency similar to a combustion car, charging times need further reduction. That is exactly what we are about to achieve. In the time it takes you to enjoy a cup of coffee, the battery will get enough charge for a whole week of urban commuting. With BYTON, you will truly experience carefree electric mobility.”

Much of their tech revolves around the in-car experience and nothing screams that out louder than the insane screen size of that SIV, gesture controlled UI et al.

Image Teasers from Byton

Time will tell how much of those claims really make it to production but the team behind the project is a serious one and they have the moolah.

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