Honda Just Unveiled Their Urban EV Concept. Production By 2019.

Honda has just pulled the wraps off its Urban EV Concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show, giving us a glimpse of the brand’s all-electric future.

And, this project is no vapourware, with Honda bosses claiming a production car based on the concept will make a production debut in 2019.

Unveiled by Honda president Takahiro Hachigo, the company’s CEO said: “This is not some vision of the distant future; a production version of this car will be here in Europe in 2019.”

Sooner or later, these EVs from Honda, resembling the original Honda Civic from the seventies, with its round headlamps, thin A-pillars and short front and rear overhangs, will make it to the Indian market.

We must add that we like the look of the Urban EV concept. The lines are timeless yet give a contemporary or even futuristic look to the vehicle.


The interior is unlike anything we’ve seen from the Honda designers before, with a minimal design and an insane dash-spanning central screen. The war among manufacturers is swinging heavily towards the in-car experience. Take a look at our Byton SIV Video here and you would know.

Tech Specs?

The company hasn’t said anything about battery output, power figures or performance data for the EV Concept, nor is there any detail on prospective range or charge times. Given its intended use, however, expect a 250 to 300 km range, combined with the latest fast-charge technology.

Other Stuff?

Well, there’s seating for four adults, with the rear-hinged doors offering easy access to the back seats. The seat belts are fixed to the middle of the bench, to ease egress.


Furthermore, the Urban EV features a stripped-out cabin design. Cameras and digital displays replace the conventional door mirrors, with natural fabrics and wood covering every exposed surface.

Other bells and whistles and Vehicle to Grid (V2G) will come standard with Honda’s latest EV lineup.

Some Real Pics of the Honda Urban EV – Updated on 14-09-2017

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