This Is Not A Living Room. This Is A Car. The Renault Symbioz. A Room That Drives.

Frankfurt 2017 is intriguing us more each passing moment. There have been some serious muscle flexing by the design and concept teams of all major auto manufacturers at the event. In fact, this year, Frankfurt has been a changing point in the way the world looks at automobiles.

Here is the latest from Renault, the Symbioz.

Watch the concept video below;

The concept, revealed at the Frankfurt motor show, aims to be mainstream by year 2030, while a ‘demo car’ – essentially a precursor to the concept’s introduction – is targeted for 2023.

Tech Specs And All;

The Symbioz’s power comes from two electric motors, both rear-mounted and powering one rear wheel each.

Renault claims the industry standard of 310 miles (500 km), with 661 bhp and 487 lb ft of torque on tap, contributing to acceleration of less than six seconds.

The 72 kWh battery pack can reach an 80% charge in 20 minutes.

Symbioz Images;

Renault says these performance figures are liable to change as technology evolves in the lead-up to 2030.

So basically, let a few years go by and battery tech is going to determine a lot of those numbers finally going into the product brochure.

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