Say Hi to Isabella. The Electric Car Concept from Borgward, Germany.

Borgward, the automotive company was founded way back in 1919, went bankrupt in 1961 but came back on the radar in 2015 when it revealed its first new model, the BX7. The BX7 should enter Europe next year, having just received the European Union Type Approval. For now, it is product restricted only to China.

Now, the born-again firm is looking to a future of ultra luxurious electric cars, as is evident from the Isabella concept that it has unveiled in Frankfurt 2017.

We must say that Isabella’s design is about contemporary lines in brushed metal and other fine textures which invoke very personal and varied reactions from different people but ‘Wow’ is certainly a recurring one.

Watch: Borgward Isabella Concept Video

The German brand’s four-door design study features a curvaceous exterior with a coupé-like rear end.

The interior incorporates a simplistic design with attention on a central screen built into angular surroundings.

Tech Specs?

No powertrain information has been released other than that the car uses electric drive. It’s predicted to preview a future halo model for Borgward. Time will tell.


As per the official statement from Borgward, work on Borgward’s new European factory is in full swing at the project site, situated in Bremen, Germany, the company’s birthplace.

They aim to manufacture 800,000 cars per year by 2020, and then progressively ramp up production to 1.6 million cars annually by 2025.

Borgward Isabella Concept Electric Car Images

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