Diamler Trucks Launches First Electric Truck In Series Production

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), part of Daimler Trucks – and the same force behind truck brands like Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz and Fuso – today celebrated the global launch of their all electric truck, the Fuso eCanter.

Watch: Truck Reveal Moment from Launch Event

Quick Overview

The eCanter is the world’s first series-produced all-electric light-duty truck and will be delivered to customers starting this year in the US, Europe and Japan.

MFTBC is planning to deliver 500 units of this generation to customers within the next two years. Larger scale production is intended to start in 2019.

Range and Specs

The eCanter has a range of 100 kilometers and a load capacity up to three and a half tons – depending on body and usage. The vehicle´s electric powertrain contains six high voltage lithium ion battery packs with 420 V and 13.8 kWh each.

The company claims that in comparison with a conventional diesel truck, it offers savings up to 1,000 Euro per 10,000 kilometers on operating costs.

FUSO eCanter Charging Specs
There are two option to charge the eCanter: Regular AC-charging or DC-quick charging which takes just one hour for a recharge.

CEO Speak

Marc Llistosella, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation and Head of Daimler Trucks Asia: “In times, when everybody is talking about electric trucks, we are the first to actually commercialize a series produced all-electric truck. Having a long history in alternative drivetrains, we are proud to step into this new era. Our Fuso eCanter comes with years of customer testing, and the assurance of parts, services, and warranty through our global Fuso dealership network.”

“Our new FUSO eCanter now addresses the increasing global demand for products to meet and exceed high CO2 emission standards. It offers an attractive and cost-effective alternative to combustion engines and makes electric trucks key to the future of inner city distribution”, Llistosella added.

First all-electric trucks provided to UPS and four New York City based NGOs

At the global launch, Fuso today also announced the company’s first U.S. commercial partner for the eCanter: UPS will use the zero-emission trucks with an eye to moving their fleet toward being more sustainable.

Carlton Rose, President, Global Fleet Maintenance & Engineering, UPS: “At UPS, we constantly evaluate and deploy advanced technologies that enable sustainable, innovative solutions for our fleet. Electric trucks make our fleet both cleaner and quieter, adding to our already more than 8,500 alternative drivetrain vehicles in service today. We have a long-standing global relationship with Daimler, and we welcome the opportunity to trial the Fuso eCanter as UPS continues to realize the benefits of electric trucks.”

Fuso eCanter – Green Hauling Power for Urban Spaces

FUSO eCanter for cities
The local zero-emission, zero-noise eCanter aims to help transform our polluted cities, into cleaner and quieter places

The all-electric light-duty truck is MFTBC’s answer to the public’s need for a zero-emission, zero-noise truck for continuously increasing inner-city distribution. In addition to being an eco-friendly vehicle, it is cost-efficient and economical for users, as already proved within customer tests in Europe.

Way Ahead and Associations

Marketing the eCanter and establishing electric trucks, Fuso will also benefit from the Daimler knowledge pool of partner companies, like Mercedes-Benz Energy – a provider of local power storage, ChargePoint – a provider of charging station networks, and as just announced today: an invest in StoreDot – a company that develops ultra-quick charging battery technology.

Info & Media: Diamler

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